Art is Life... Life is Art

Art comes in so many forms... 

Countless ways to express yourself... 

Numerous ways to make the world beautiful.


I can still remember when I got my first camera. I would take walks with my dog and find interesting houses to photograph. The design, the colors, the textures... they inspired me. There are so many amazing little details in life that are easily missed, if you don't look close enough. Pictures capture those little details. That's one of the reasons I love photography. Photographs aren't just art. They bring attention to the unnoticed and create art out of the everyday. Photographs capture life.

Graphic Design

I've been an artist my entire life with a focus on painting and photography. Combine that with a love for design and a strong ability to understand and communicate with people, and it was easy to decide to add Graphic Design into the mix. I've now been working in the Graphic Design field for over 8 years with experience in everything from custom graphics and package design to company website design and corporate branding.

Fine Art

My first love was fine art. I remember trying to copy the pictures in coloring books when I was very young. It didn't take long before I was drawing and painting and I never stopped. My style has definitely evolved over the years. Most of my creations, today, are not at all planned. I pick up a medium and start. Whatever happens... happens! That's just another aspect I love about fine art. The concept can be created as you go. There are no such things as mistakes... just opportunities to look from a different perspective.

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